Julia Camilleri - freelance make up artist  


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Can I have false eyelashes ?


Yes individual bunches of cluster eyelashes are included in the price should you wish to have them, these tend to be something people either love or hate which is why if we plan to use them I will always try out at the trial first



How long should have allow for the trial?


I allow 2 hours for the trial for me this is where the time is spent, we will try until we are both happy with the look



How long with the make up take on the day?


I allow 30 mins per person, although it doesn’t usually take this long



How many people can you do on the day ?


There is no maximum or minimum amount



What goes first hair or make up ?


The hairdresser and I usually combined the time, unless you ar going out to a hair salon



Do you come to my house or venue ?


Yes I do, I cover a 20 miles radius and charge a small travelling fee for further locations



How far will you travel ?


I travel as far as required even to mexico





Why should I use a professional make up artist for my wedding make up?


The key to long lasting make up is always in the application and quality of the make up. Bridal make up is a make up that has to carry us through the whole spectrum of make up looks being both good to the eye, work with a camera and to look good in the purest daylight and the evening lights!

There are a few application techniques that a make up artist would you to cover all areas!



Why is MAC make up good ?


Originally MAC was devised for make up artists and only used in a professional capacity, however in more recent years MAC has become one of the leading brands of make up. It is both photographic without being heavy and has become renound for being one of the most long lasting brands of make up currently on the market.



How long before my wedding do I need to book?


Many Brides book the previous year for their weddings, I always give priority for the date and times to those who booked fist, the wedding day is then confirmed after the trial and we go from there finalising times and further details.



How long before my wedding do I need a trial ?


This is a personal preference, if make up is something that’s worrying you then your trial should be done sooner rather than later, its another boxed ticked !!



Do my bridemaids need a trial ?


No, most bridemaids choose not to have a trial, however if they would there is a £40 fee per bridemaid



"Why should I use a professional make up artist for my wedding make up?"

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